Cubase Doesn't Use Track Volume/Panning Loading Projects

It doesn’t seem to always happen, but on the projects it does happen for it is consistent. Every time I open an affected project I have to go through all the tracks and change their volume and panning in the inspector manually before what I saved is actually acknowledged by Cubase. I had assumed this was just a Cubase Pro 8 issue, but it’s persisted into Cubase 11.

That’s very interesting (since I’m also experiencing random settings not saved on certain plugins which I thought was a plug-in issue, then got in touch with few manufacturers but they can’t nail down those issues).

If cubase doesn’t save your panning and volume settings, at which volume and pan do those tracks playback?

I’ve tested it and it seems so far new projects made with Cubase 11 don’t have this problem yet. When I reload a project and notice by ear the volumes and stuff are all out of whack, I just go to each track and use my mouse wheel to change each of them then change them back so Cubase actually registers it and it’s fine and all except even when I save it again Cubase repeats this process. It’s really just a minor annoyance I can ultimate live with, but hopefully we can pinpoint the issue and fix it if we can because one more pointless task out of the way. lol

Thanks for your reply!
Very similar behavior to what I’ve experienced. My workaround with the plugins I was mentioning: I switch to B with the A/B switch on every plugin, mess around with some setting and then I go back to A (originally saved with the session) and the sound is back to normal.

Im on Mojave? Which OS are you?

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I’ll try your A/B switch thing next time I remember and it happens. I’m using 64-bit Windows 10.