Cubase Dolby Atmos


I have a problem with Dolby atmos configuration. Plugin: Render for Dolby Atmos every time I have a problem, and it’s not working. Have You had the same problem? I need a solution for this.


what is the sample rate of the project?
what is the buffer size?
your main bus is 7.2.1?

48 kHz 24 bit
buffer more than 512
bus 7.2.1

i think cannot be more tne 512, need to be exactly 512


Mixing for Dolby Atmos has several requirements. I would recommend checking out these pages from the manual:

Thanks, Flavius. It’s very interesting. I have an M-Audio 2x2m. I try to set the buffer size to 512, but it’s not precision soft. So I used Asio4all and set 512 buffer and working. How specified is the 512 buffer in M-Audio soft? Does anyone have a solution?

sorry idk about that, but i´m sure some one will have a answer for you in this great community