Cubase Dongle at the end of life

Hi All,
I feel that my dongle is at the end of life.
What happens if it dies? Do I loose my Cubase and Wavelab Licenses?
If I buy the new dongle, is it possible to transfer the licenses over to a new one?

If your license is registered it’ll be recoverable. You can transfer them to a new dongle.

Don’t wait for it to die though. Buy a new dongle now and do the transfer while the old dongle still works. Just open the e-licenser and you can move the licenses around inside there.

As no-one has explained how to do this, the process is simple. You plug both old and new dongles into your machine and drag the licenses from the old/existing dongle to the new via eLicenser Control app.

See here:-

To transfer a license, open the eLicenser Control Center, click on a displayed license (on the right) and drag it to the target USB-eLicenser (on the left). As soon as you release the mouse button, the license will be transferred.

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I replaced my old dongle with a new one. This is something that I highly recommend. Changing the dongle (in my opinion) is necessary. The older dongles are USB1 and they cannot supply info fast enough when booting up Cubase. The new ones are USB3.
When Cubase boots up, (according to tech support) it makes several requests to the dongle for verification on Cubase, Halion, Groove Agent and several apps that run inside the program. This is why is takes a bit of time to boot up Cubase. With the old dongle, it took sixty seconds; with the new dongle, it take less than twenty seconds.
My boot up was starting to give me error messages and I’d have to start over. Once I changed the dongle, it all went away. The new OS’s move far to fast for a USB1 dongle to be able to keep up.

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