Cubase Dongle Farce

I have purchased cubase 11 elements and dorico 3.5 last year and this week truly wanted to upgrade to cubase pro and take the 40% off offer sent to me by email from Steinberg however where I live is a small township on South Island where everybody has official NZ post p o boxes as there are no deliveries to the houses themselves and the staff at the p.o. box centre across the road sign for everything and we pick them up from the boxes.

So the official Steinberg representative of New Zealand who sells dongles on a local site called trade me cannot send a 75 buck dongle to my p o box because of their principles and yet I have had an $1,800 laptop delivered from just laptops in Auckland and a $700 Samsung phone delivered from Samsung and a plethora of other items sent to my p o box but I have just been told by the dongle representative in Auckland that he cannot send me this dongle because I have a p o box and subsequently I cannot buy cubase 11 Pro and I’m thinking to myself I have purchased PreSonus studio one professional 4 and mixcraft 8.1 Pro and mixcraft 9 Pro an array of hardware and an array of other software and for the sake of a silly little dongle I cannot GIVE you Steinberg $400 to upgrade I so I seriously ask the people in charge to change their stance on this crazy security situation

But it’s all not in vain as the $400 that I was going to spend to upgrade to cubase 11 pro from my elements I can purchase arturia pigments 3 at half price and I can also purchase sylenth1 from lennardigital and who knows I may have enough change left for a bag of chips and a little yellow rubber ball for my wee dog !!

This is crazy and maybe not everyone will agree with me But I’m sure that some will

As a footnote this dongle will mean that people in the USA or surrounding countries can get cubase cheaper due to the postal delivery of the dongle not that is a biggy but for goodness sakes you’re not going to stop people going to the pirate bay but you have actually stopped me upgrading to cubase 11 pro from elements but I will spend the money with developers who will gladly accept my four hundred dollars without the need for a dongle :frowning:

Sunshine greetings from a Monday afternoon a long long way away without a dongle :slight_smile:

Shaken, not Stirred


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Beautiful post. and truly bizarro Catch-22 circumstance!

I don’t have anything else, except to say the company has announced the phase out of the dongle.

January 7th 2022 and I’m still waiting for the Dongle to be scrapped and subsequently I’m still stuck on Cubase Elements.

I’ve just bought Komplete 13 Ultimate Bundle and Bitwig plus some big VSTs purely because I literally cannot get a Steinberg Dongle to my PO Box.

My last post was last May and now they say it’ll be in 2022 when it’s scrapped but I’ve already spent my software upgrade monies. I really do want to upgrade to Artist or even Pro but the Dongle issue prevents that. This is quite ridiculous as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve just spent over $2000 on music software with OTHER companies rather than Steinberg as I can’t get the Dongle … For the umpteenth time … To the people at the top of the Steinberg food chain …

Happy New Year