Cubase don't release Device or...?


I use Cubase (8.0.10) together with Reason (8.3.2d7) in Mac OS X El Capitan (v 10.11.5).

A known problem is that (after starting up Cubase first), Reason can’t start because Cubase did not release the driver.
The recommended solution to this is to close down Reason and then open the Device Setup in Cubase. Then mark VST Audio System (to the left) and UNCHECK the “Release Driver when Application is in Background”.

But this has no effect at all! The problem remains and Reason don’t start. Reason still says “Engine not responding. Please check your ReWire host”.

Does anyone know how to solv this? I have a song made in the two programs and really want to open tje song again!!!


Hi and welcome,

Connect Reason via ReWire. This is pretty old video, but still valid in general, I expect.