CUBASE Download Assistant Complementary Products FREE

In Download Assistant. There are Complimentary Products.
Does That mean complementary, as in Free?!!
As in free to download for free to use. Also whatever is in there is free as well. If so, How do we get the Code or pin for the things that are in the Complementary Box

Pretty sure you can just download and use them. The ones I see in my account are all specialized tools and not content libraries. So if you need the tools, go for it.

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I got Sequel 3. It looks like 5.78 GB. It looks like a library at that amount.

It’s an entry level DAW.


Plus DD Player/ Plus VST Ambi DEcoder

DDP Player I’m assuming is for DDP images. You’ll only be dealing with those if you’re a mastering/manufacturing house getting ready to press some CD’s for a client really.


Well it is kind of a free mini-Cubase so there’s some content included, but I think it is all stuff you have already if you own Cubase.


Immerse for VST AmbiDecoder is not free.