Cubase Downloader Software


I would like to have the opportunity to download my Cubase Pro by a downloader rather than a direct link.

For instance, in this case (for C8 Pro I mean) I am unable to download the Full Installer for Mac. I tried 5 times leaving my Mac turned on all night long. I do not know why, but in the morning I find out the download stopped. So I have to clean the download list, cookies etc. and start a new download which does not work anyway. I use DSL 5G.

I used to download many sound libraries in that way so I do not think it would be hard for Steinberg provide this kind of solution.

or do what everybody else does, use a download manager or a better browser that supports download resuming

I’m having the same issue. I’ve unsuccessfully downloaded Cubase 8 Pro OSX 3 times now using a download manager. I clocked about 1000+ resumes on the download manager, eventually receiving a ‘link broken’ message suggestion there is a time limit to the download which is too short. I’m about to contact support as I have no way of downloading my purchase using their current system. Hopefully there is an ftp link or something to make it possible to get the full download.

After two solid days and six failed attempts using Firefox, DownThemAll and IE (equating to 30+ GB of downloads), Chrome finally came through with the goods while I was waiting to hear back with a solution from support. I suspect it was just lucky timing, but it might be worth giving Chrome a shot.


I would suggest to Steinberg “Continuata” which is the best I tried so far.