Cubase dropped most of my plugins, and i cant find them.

I was mixing today, closed the project, went out for a few hours, came back to finish.
And cubase had dropped most of my plugins.
I tried reinstall, restart the computor, re scan for them in the VST scrolldown…
Tried everything i can, but cubase dont want to show them anyway.
I cannot get to them at all!
In explorer i can see that they are there in the folder in steinberg, they all work in Reaper that i run alongside. But cubase wont find it.
What can i do???
Anyone else had this problem?

Cubase 5.5.2

Best regards Greger

are the plugins listed under the plugins-information menu? perhaps they are blacklisted in cubase and because of this they will not be loaded. but this shouldn’t be if they worked an hour ago…

No they are not listed there at all. (but they all are in the folder of steinberg)
The ones listed there i can find on the separat tracks, not the ones i had before though.
What does it mean they are blacklisted?
A bunch of sir elliots vst, and loads of other freeware that work before.
I noticed a pattern though. Of all the plugs i can find in cubase, they all seem to be VST3:s.
All of them got the three stripes before the plugin name in the scrolldown menu so to speak.
I scanned for viruses with kaspersky virusremoval tool, and got a few ones of the comp with that one.
It was after that i had a Cubase crash, and it kind of resetted itself, i had so it went back to original place when i stopped, now it stopped where i pressed space to stop playing and so forth.
It cant even find my UAD plugs from the uad cards…

Anyone know a decent way to mail steinberg and ask them?
Cant really find a good place to send them my questions?

There’s a blacklist XML file in the Cubase App Data folder in XP or its equivilent in Vista/ W7. See if they’re listed there. 3rd party VST2.x plugs don’t go in the Cubase plugins folders. You can put them anywhere, but you need to point to them via the Plugin Info window.

Ok will check that.
I had a virus scan as well
I removed a few viruses that i think kind of fucked up the C: i guess.
All of the sudden Itunes dropped all music i put in there.
The UAD plugs cant be find, nor can i open the UAD program thats on the desktop.

Hmm cant find that folder.
The thing is, the vst2 plugins i have used before seem to work, or the plugins i had before that just plain out disapeard has been working on this system.
Cubase just died on me one day, and when i reopend it everything was set to default, in the list of present work, there was nothing, just like when u do a new installation.
Maybe boot is the only thing left to do…

Well… I guess Reaper is winning some more people over to their side…

Is there no one at all that has any clue to why Cubase 5 is only showing me the vst3 plugins?
Why doesnt my Vst2 plugins pop up, lite Sir elliots stuff, antares etc???
I checked the blacklist file and they are not in there at all…
Cubase just cant find the damn thing…

What sort of viruses did your scan find ? Any idea how long they had been on your system ? You might want to try a re-install/repair of Cubase. :bulb: