Cubase drum editor in dorico SE

Hello forum!

I am just switching over from cubase to dorico, because I prefer writing music through notation and thus far I love dorico.

I saw in the “Getting started with dorico SE: guitar and percussion” video, that the admin from dorico uses the drum editor from cubase to write drum parts in dorico SE, but i can only find the key editor in my version.
The drum editor was one of my absolute favourite features of cubase and I would be delighted to use it in dorico as well.

How do i access it?

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The Drum Editor is found in Play Mode, not Write mode.

Hello Janus, thank you for your answer.

Yes, i have searched through the play mode, but can only find the key editor?

When you select a note in a percussion kit staff, the piano roll in the Key Editor will be replaced with the percussion editor.

Hello dspreadbury,
thank you for your answer

Yes i found this, witch looked more like a pianoroll/keyeditor.
I have not been able to find the drum editor showcased in your tutorial video

with the little diamonds instead of midi durations.
is this feature removed?

I found this feature instead

That’s correct. The Dorico SE videos were made at the time of Dorico 3/3.5, and there was a huge overhaul of Play mode and the Key Editor in Dorico 4, so the old percussion editor has been replaced with the new one you find in the current version.

Thank you for your quick and helpful responses, happy easter!