Cubase E & eLicenser question

if i have license of C9.5 i can run also Cubase Elements.

But, is there option to run Elements without Dognle at my home laptop?

maybe there way to somehow save my dongle License to soft licenser because Elements use soft licenser…
i’m not good at this operations :smiley:

i’m appreciate for any help.


I’m sorry, this is not possible. The license is stored at the USB-eLicenser. If it’s not plugged in, you can’t start any Cubase. The only solution would be to buy Cubase Elements license and activate it to the Soft-elicenser. Be careful, if the USB-eLicenser would be plugged in, the Chinese Elements license would end up at the USB-eLicenser, and there is no way back. So in this case you must to unplug the USB-eLicenser before you activate Cubase Elements license.

Thank you Martin