Cubase E-licenser alternatives


Does exist an alternative to the e-licenser mothod of autorizing cubase? Something like a challenge/response, or similar. I do not want to have to have an usb port occupied all day long in my laptop.


Hi. A USB port for the eLisencer is required as listed on this page


Hi justin here
i tried putting my activation code for cubase ai8 into the e licenser control center and it keeps coming up with a message saying the date and time settings are incorrect on my computer but there not i live in Ontario, Canada and I have the time set to (UTC-5:00) eastern time (US and Canada) can anyone help or suggest a solution?

you could always use cubase 8 elements version which does not require a dongle or you could try what some others have done and mount the dongle inside the laptop using an internal usb header on the main board if space permits.

perhaps in future steinberg could make a “micro dongle” for mobile use that doesn’t protrude out so far minimizing the real risk of snapping it off accidentally. the current design is great for a desktop that never moves though. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I think I will stic on Elements version