Cubase Effects in VST Live Elements?

Hi there,

if I own C12 Pro: is it possible to use all the effects (like EQs, compressor, AmpRacks, Delay, Gate, Roomworks etc.) in VST Live Elements?


Hi Hartmut,

many Plug-Ins of Cubase 12 are included with VST Live. A few moons ago I wrote a list of plug-ins which are included with VL. It’s listed here.


Thanks, Spork!
But I wanted to know if the Cubase instruments and effects also work in VST Live Elements, because there are no plug-ins included with VST Live Elements…

… ah, sorry.

  • Yes. Only “VST Live Pro” has bundled Plug-Ins.
  • No, Cubase Plug-Ins do not work in “VST Live Element”.