Cubase element 11 - freezed

Hi All
after a while i went back to using cubase 11 element but cubase it blocks and it became “not responding”… it remains in this state for some minutes…
Usually the problem occurs when I browse through the Groove Agent SE presets … other times it occurs when I click the “show / hide right / lower zone” button.
I’m the only one with these problems?
i run Live and Reaper on my laptop without any problems.
I was thinking of upgrading to the Artist version, but given the constant problems I will give up



Make sure, you have the latest Groove Agent SE update installed, please.

first of all thanks.
I’ve installed everything from scratch 2 days ago using the Download Assistant… and everything seems already updated to the latest version…
This is what i see opening the Dowload Assistant…


Could you see the content in the Steinberg Library Manager, please?

Could you copy the orders manually?

This is the content of my Steinberg Library ( only the groove agent section )

If it can be useful these are some info of my hardware:

  • laptop Dell XPS 9570
  • i7-8750H CPU
  • 16.0 GB Ram
  • 512 SSD
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI
  • Steinberg UR22C audio interface

I did another test…
1 - i made a reset of my configuration
2 - i created an empty blank project
3 - i execute the procdump64.exe -e -h -t “Cubase LE AI Elements 11” command
4 - i tried to add an instument track with GrooveAgent but immediately i got a crash ( see attached dropbox link )


Sorry the DMP file doesn’t really point to anything specific.

Thanks for all.
i have been fighting this problem for months and i tried everything i could … only one thing is missing: format my laptop and start from scratch!
i will do it during my vacation