Cubase element 11 license

Hi, want to ask a few question, regarding,

cubase 12 element.

I bought cubase element 12, but i allso want

to use cubase element 11, the question is,

do i have a license for for cubase element 11, since i bought the version element 12 ?.

And how do i get the cubase element 11,

steinberg download manager, or from steinberg website ??.

Do i need to use my steinberg usb elicenser

to activate the element 11 ?, and how do i

get the activations code for cubase element 11 ?.



If you didn’t update, you don’t, sorry.

apologize, Martin, i forgot to mention, that i did infact update to cubase element 12.
(from cubase element 8 to 12).


In that case, you still have a licence for Cubase Elements 11. If that was on a soft eLicenser but is not on the computer you want it on, use the ‘Reactivate’ option in the eLicenser section of My Steinberg.

If the Cubase Elements licence was on your USB eLicenser, just install Cubase Elements 11 and make sure the USB eLicenser is plugged in.


If you updated from an older version, then your Cubase Elements 11 license remains and you can still use it the very same way, as you did before the update. The license is marked as “not-upgradable”, so you cannot upgrade it anymore. This is the only change.

Use Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

No USB-eLicenser is needed. It’s the same as it was before the update. So if your license was the Soft-eLicense, it remains as Soft-eLicense. If you have transferred your license to the USB-eLicenser manually, then use the USB-eLicenser with the license.

You don’t need the Activation Code. Your Cubase Elements 11 license has been activated already.

Thanks Martin and David.

I admit, i am bit confused with mixing both new steinberg license system and old.

My cubase element 8 reside on the elicenser usb dongle.

Just installed cubase element 11, just works perfect.

Only problems, i think i installed the vst transit, dont where it came from, properly from cubase element 11, or the cubase pro 12 trial.
elicenser is complaining , about “i dont have a license for vst transit”, its ok, i dont need this vst transit thing, other than that, every thing is working perfect.

When you updated Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase Elements 12, two things happened. You were given a Steinberg Licensing licence for Cubase Elements 12. Your eLicenser licence for Cubase Elements 8 was updated to “Cubase Elements 11 (updated to Cubase Elements 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”.

What this means is that you now have an eLicenser licence for Cubase Elements 11 - which is the last version of Cubase to use eLicenser - and that it is marked as already having been updated to Cubase Elements 12. When a new paid update to Cubase comes out, you will update your Cubase 12 licence on Steinberg Licensing.

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Thanks David.

Anyway, just uinstalled this vst transit, no more problems, cubase element 11, dosent complain anymore.

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