Cubase Element 11 updates

I have a quite old Elements 11 (11.0.10). Recently found out that there was supposed to be an update FREE of Charge to Cubase Elements 12. In the message it was mentioned that the registered Users will receive the link to the free code for download. However, it hasn’t happened though the release was announced on Mar-22-2022. Does anyone know the more details how to get the update? Thanks in advance

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Could you please post the link, where did you find this information?

PLease update to the latest Cubase Elements 11.0.40.

He’s referring to this offer:

This only applies to Cubase LE and Cubase AI, which are included for free which certain hardware devices.

Cubase Elements users still have to purchase the update to Cubase Elements 12.


This is why did I ask Alexandre_Mikhailov for the link. Because this one applies to LE and AI only.

@Martin.Jirsak & @Romantique_Tp , my bad. When seeing Cubase … 12 I got so excited that my eyes skipped LE/AI… i thought that is for Elements as well… THank you. Sorry for confusion.

I did not receive any email, i am using ai11.0.4 which was updated from 10.05 when I got it with the ur22 mk11 so is there a free update to ai12?


Yes, there is free update. Please get in contact with your local Steinberg support to ask for the code.