Cubase element 6 lost usb key

Hi, sorry this is properly not the right place
to ask, but i couldnt find a sub forum with
cubase element 6…

Anyway here is my question.

My sister own Cubase element 6, she
have the box, the activations code, and
she did register cubase element 6 on
steinberg website on here “mysteinberg”.
I believe the usb elicenser key allso
has been registered.

I told here to collect all prove regarding here bought
cubase / usb elicenser etc, and send them to Steinberg
support ticket.
I am trying to help here through the process , to
get a new cubase 6 license.

Is there any thing else we can do to fix this problem ?.
My biggest corncern is , steinberg dosent have cubase element 6 license anymore, and we may have to buy cubase element 10.5, which exclusive run only windows 10 only.
My sister computer is relative new (core i7, 16gb ddr4 ram) so she can
run windows 10, but dosent want to.

Anyone want to comment ?!.

If the USB key with the license had been registered, Steinberg will provide you with a replacement license, if not, you will have to buy the lastest Cubase version, which will let you run Cubase elements 6 also.

Thank you svennilenni.

But are you shure about buying lastest version
cubase element, allso include element version 6 ?.
I remember , when upgrading my Halion 5 to 6,
the halion 6 will overwrite halion 5 license,
meaning that , you can only run halion 6, if
i remember it corectly?!.

I am not trying to say, you are wrong, no
i am trying to help my sisters situation, regarding
here lost elicenser usb key.
Its has been long time i have been messing around
with elicenser, hope i can figure it out!
I hope my sister can see the elicenser registered info
in here acount ?.
Anyway, thank you very much for your answer.
ps. if we have to pay full price , that’s ok.

You are not remembering correctly. The license will be overwritten, but the new license will allow you to run the older versions.

I am sorry, i didnt got it right.
I understand it now.
The new cubase element will allso allow
me to install version 6-7-8, and
let me run cubase element 6, in this case, my sister.
Thank you for the anwers. :slight_smile:

Chears Henrik.

Pew :slight_smile: ,we just logged into My-steinberg acount,
both cubase product and the usb elicenser
has beeen registered,pew :slight_smile: .
I even have the cubase element 6 install dvd.
Last step is only, to create a support ticket.