Cubase Element Trial & Dimension Pro

Hello, I’m thinking about switching to cubase from sonar. I just downloaded the cubase element trial to check it out. Its up and running well, but it does not seem to locate Dimension Pro. Does anyone know if this works with the trial version or am I limited? Bringing up the Plug-in information does not give me the option to scan or import vst’s.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

running windows 7 x64

Hi and welcome,

Dimension Pro seems to be a VST plug-in, so you should be able to see it. Open Devices > Plug-in Manager. On the bottom-left side of the window, click the Plug-in Manager Settings icon (gear icon). Then in the bottom part of the Plug-in Manager window, click to the Add Path (+) icon. Search the path, where is the VSTi stored (the DLL file; I would expect it somewhere in Cakewalk/VST…). Then you should see the plug-in in Cubase.

Great, that did it. Thanks!