Cubase Elements 10.5 Export > Audio mixdown Issue

Hi guys,

Everytime I try to export any project this message appears: “A serious problem has occured”(

). The audio mixdown window doesn’t even open. These are the things that I’ve tried and failed to solve the problem:

  • Disable all plugins
  • Create a new project without plugins
  • Start Cubase in safe mode
  • Reinstall Cubase
  • Contact support (haven’t been answered yet)

Any ideas how to fix this issue?


How can anyone work professionally with this kind of support? It’s been almost 2 weeks that I’m facing this problem and haven’t got an answer from my local support (I live in Brazil). I’m not working on anything because I’m afraid of losing all the work done.

I’ve bought just recently Cubase Elements to give it a try and perhaps upgrade to Cubase Pro in the future. I’m so dissapointed with Steinberg that I feel that is not a possibility anymore.

Hi there

It looks like Cubase is trying to save it to OneDrive, this is probably not a good idea. Try saving it to your local drive

Best Regards, Dave

I was also surprised to spot “OneDrive” in your user profile path as file location.
You may verify your environment and try to use another location for your project file (use backup to not to loose any audio files!)

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try to unlink my Documents folder from OneDrive and see what happens.

I’ve created a new project and saved to my local drive, still the same problem :cry:


Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.1.15 (591 KB)

Still haven’t got an answer from Steinberg. I’m seriously thinking of giving up! This is so frustrating!!

Same story here. Cubase 10.5 pro. I export to local disk of course. Do matter what I choose it shows “0%” all the time. Sometimes “real export” works, sometimes not. Suggestions?


Same here on cubase 10.0.60 pro. I have this exact problem with export and also when closing a project or close cubase i get a crash too. The last is from acustika plugins. If i dont use any of them cubase closes without crashing.