Cubase Elements 10 - SideChain?

Can anyone confirm if sidechaining is now available in Elements 10?

This page says YES:

This page says NO:

Honestly, it’s such a basic feature that every platform offers I hope it is finally included.

Nope, sadly it’s an error in the comparison page.

There is no full side-chain in Cubase Elements 10. It’s lay in the comparison page.

I just found that Side-Chain is only available on Cubase plugins?
I don’t get the option on Native Instrument or waves plugins for example but all the in built Cubase ones do have it.

Weird. Just to check - you’re getting this on stock plugs in Elements 10? If so, better than nothing and Steinberg seem to be unaware of it…

Don’t forget when comparing to 3rd party plugins that sidechain is only available in VST3 format,
where Native Instruments automatically disqualifies :wink:

Sorry my bad. I am using the full Cubase 10 pro. I just expected all plugins to have the side chain option.

Well, side chain may be missing from Elements, but bizarrely one feature documented as shouldn’t-be-there actually is. Quick Controls has debuted in Elements 10. Even though it shouldn’t, according to the comparison chart.

Feature wise, Elements is lucky dip really.

Nice - and simple - trick. Never noticed the link button before on AutoPan, there’s a lot you can do with that I guess. Of course its lmited to simple conisistent rhythms, but that works in a lot of cases. you can side chain with midi note triggering. Please check the video.

All VST3 plugins have side chain if the plugin support it.

This would be a great method, but I can’t get rid of clicking when I try it. If I turn the release up the clicks disappear, but only when the release is so high it ruins the side-chain effect.

Im having the same problem here :open_mouth: any solution?