Cubase Elements 10 & Subzero SZMB-44 synchronisation setup problems

I have just bought a Subzero SZMB-44 4x4 midi interface to control the tempo of a TC Electronic D Two digital delay unit via midi time code.

When I go to the Cubase project synchronisation setup & check the option to choose the SZMB-44 & then exit, that setting isn’t remembered. When I go back into the setup, that option is unchecked again. Cubase isn’t storing the settings. I’ve tried saving the project, but it doesn’t make a difference. I can’t set the SZMB-44 as my midi time code device. Therefore I can’t do what I want to do.

I’ve got an entry level Behringer UMC204HD audio/midi interface that works perfectly & the D Two’s tempo syncs as it should. I just can’t use the UMC204HD though as it doesn’t have enough inputs for live use, so I bought the Behringer XR18 thinking I’d solved my issue, only to find the XR18 only sends & receives limited midi information, which DOESN’T include midi time code! Behringer Morons!

So, I’ve had to buy the SZMN-44 to overcome this issue. But, I can’t set it up in Cubase. I’ve got a midi keyboard on channel 1 & it’s sending midi information INTO Cubase ok, so there’s no problem with the unit. I just can’t choose it as the destination device inside Cubase. The midi ports are active in Cubase’s studio setup page.

Can anyone help me? I have a huge headache… this is so simple to do it’s not even funny.

Thanks Behringer…

I’ve sorted it. You can’t change any of the sync settings while a project is open. I closed the project & was able to change the settings. Every day is a school day!