Cubase Elements 10 - What's included?

Evening all.

I bought Cubase Elements 10 in 2019, just reinstalled on my current PC (what a horrendous process that was, took me 3 days to get a sound to actually play lol).

Anyway, I’m trying to work out what’s included in my license?! As working out what I can and can’t use from the Download Assistant app is impossible as nothing tells you.

I’m sure a few years ago when I last used it, when i went to that media sidebar on the right hand side, i had a few VST instruments (currently got 1 there “Prologue”), and when i went to Loops and Samples I had a load of sample CD covers, at least 8 or 10ish.

Now I’ve got nothing.
I keep getting a missing instrument pop up when i load the production presets (Halion Sonic SE 3) yet that one isn’t in the download assistant list. I did download the VST Loop & Sample collection (in the Sounds & Loops section) assuming that’s what I previous had but that didn’t show up once installed like I had no license for that.
I also thought I had Groove Agent too (is that right?)

So yeah, there’s nothing that tells me what i can download - wonder if anyone could shed any light to help me out! thanks.

On the left pane of the Download Asisstant there should be a category named “My Product Downloads”. Unfold that and then click on the Cubase LE AI Elements 10 icon.
That should display all items that belong to your product on the right pane.

If that doesn’'t work for you, please provide a screenshot of the Download Assistant.

hey mate thanks for the reply. Yeah I assumed that dropdown was the answer to my prayers a few days ago but no dice, it doesn’t display anything there. I’m signed in etc.


I only use the downloader when it’s absolutely necessary and there’s no other way.
How big was the download? According to this link it should have been 15 gigabytes.

hey mate, yeah it was just over 15GB total dl thru the awful download assistant haha.
Interestingly in the downloaded zip there’s an additional content folder full of stuff (groove agent/halion etc) but it doesn’t appear to have installed possibly. Maybe I’ll uninstall the lot and use that link unless i can drag these content files into my program file somewhere.

Update after googling that has installed apparently not that i can seem to use or find any of in in Cubase lol