Cubase Elements 10 + Yamaha MG12XU - possible to create different groups in Windows 10?


The problem I’m trying to work out is being able to put a 60ms delay on Channel 1 and not putting a delay on the other channels. I am running all of this audio through OBS Studio for video streaming.

I have a Yamaha MG12XU and have installed the Yamaha Steinberg Driver and Cubase Elements 10. I have an XLR microphone in Channel 1, audio from a sound card running into Ch. 9/10 and another sound card into Ch. 11/12.

I am trying to see if it’s possible to separate the audio channels in Windows 10 via Cubase. Currently, everything reads as Line (MG-XU), so in OBS Studio, so I only have one audio input capture and that brings in both my microphone AND my chat audio, game audio, Windows audio, etc.

Someone asked me if I see two separate options in Windows, both Group 1-2 and also Line. I only see Line (MG-XU). Is it possible to have Cubase create these different audio channels/groupings so I can choose them in Windows? Or if I put a delay of 60ms, am I forced to have it affect all sound channels?

Hi and welcome,

As far as I know, Yamaha MG12XU mix sends to Cubase (to USB = ASIO driver) the very signal, which is routed to its output. Therefore you cannot split 2 independent tracks in Cubase.

The only way would be to use 2 Mono channels and record them to 2 separated tracks.

Sigh. But I’m talking about in a real-time aspect, anyway, not a recording aspect. I was trying to see if there is a way for Cubase to help create different audio inputs and outputs (as opposed to one big MG-XU), so I could have my input/mic called something like Channel 1 - XLR and then the audio outputs called Channels 5-12.


I’m sorry, I’m still not sure, if I get your use case.

But yes, in Cubase, you can create multiple inputs and outputs in the Studio > Audio Connections window. And you can assign different Device Ports, based on your Audio Device.