Cubase Elements 11 - Add Tempo Track?

I have just bought Elements 11 for my home PC so that I can do small projects without needing my studio installation of 10.5 Pro.

I am trying to add a Tempo Track to a project and - according to the Elements 11 Operation Manual - should be able to do this via Project>Add Track>Tempo. However, ‘Tempo’ is not an option on that menu (nor via the [+] ‘add track’ button on the GUI). Although I can open the Tempo Editor window as a temporary workaround, I would prefer to use a track if possible as that is how I’m used to working in Pro.

Is adding a Tempo Track actually not possible in Elements despite the manual suggesting otherwise?

You can compare editions here:

In the Composing section you’ll see:
-Nope, Tempo Track requires at least Artist version.

Doh - and there I was feeling all smug because I had [for once] RTFM before posting on here!

It’s a pity that the PDF version of the Elements 11 Operation Manual gives instructions on how to add a Tempo Track even though that functionality is not available, as I had downloaded and read it before making my purchase (I had not seen the online comparison page). Hopefully someone at Steinberg will make the necessary correction/update soon.

It’s not a real issue though since - as I said before - I can use the Tempo Track Editor instead.

I must say that £85 for the Elements version of the software is a bargain for the amount of functionality provided - and the non-requirement of a physical eLicenser makes it even better (albeit tied to one computer).

Unless it’s changed in recent versions there is a kind of Tempo Track in Elements, it’s just not one that can be placed in the arranger with the other tracks.
I think it used to be called the Temp Editor(?) and thus did allow for different tempos within a song. Not on a PC that has Elements on it at the moment so can’t confirm.