Cubase Elements 11 and 12 Can't Enable Monitor or Record on audio tracks

I have two projects. One I created in Elements 11 and one in Elements 12. None of the audio tracks will allow me to enable Monitor or Record. I did not freeze anything and have no idea how to correct this.

There is not enough information to troubleshoot this.
Can you provide some more information please?

Okay, so I went into a project in Cubase Elements 11 awhile back (I have recently upgraded to 12). I wanted to redo 2 guitar tracks that were already recorded. When I tried to click on the Monitor button (and the Record Enable button) for Clean Guitar 1, nothing happened. This has happened in 2 projects now. The Monitor and Record buttons are right next to each other in the mix console below the tracks’ faders. Normally, you click these in order to record. But these two projects in question will not allow me to enable this function, so I cannot record anything. I am trying to activate Monitor and Record on all of the tracks and they will not activate. I hope this helps explain my issue. Thank you for your response.

What about your setup? Interface? OS?


I’m using Cubase Elements 12, Windows 11 and my interface is a Presonus Studio 24C 2 in 2 out. I will send screenshots in a bit

Nothing happens in any track when I click either of those buttons. Only on this song and one other. No idea why or how to fix.

Have these tracks inputs routed?

Yes. Inputs have been configured. You mean in studio setup and audio connections? Yes. They get mixed up regularly because my bandmate/collaborator and I send projects back and forth over Team Viewer. So when he sends me a project like the one in the photo, I get a missing ports message and then go into audio connections to fix it. But usually I’m able to record tracks no problem.

I mean in the routing part of the channel.
If no input is set as source, there could be no recording source. No recording source means no monitoring possible.

Thank you. I finally got it. Sorry for delayed response.