Cubase elements 11 audio routing

Hi all. I have just got a new Focusrite 4i4. I cant seem to get the audio from an external roland sound module to connect to the line inputs (3 and 4) in a Cubase project. I have set up a bus (bus 2) in cubase and assigned a midi track to it. The midi records from my keyboard but I can’t hear it. The line inputs on the interface are active. Is this a limitation with Elements ?

Your statement is a bit confusing to me.

Your Roland sound module should be connected to line inputs these should connect to an input bus in Cubase.
So it seems that this is already correct at your setup…
But what you mean with you assigned a midi track to the input bus?
The MIDI track should send it’s MIDI data to the sound module.

An audio track in Cubase will play back the recorded audio. If you need to hear your incoming audio, you must activate the input monitoring for this particular channel, by pressing the monitor button…

I hope it helps a bit…

Thanks for your reply. Ive got it sorted now. I didn’t set up the Focusrite interface correctly :grimacing: