Cubase Elements 11 Automatic Crossfade doesn't work as expected

Hi Guys.

I’ve enabled automatic fade in, out and crossfade. But when I try to overlap two clips it doesn’t work (crossfade) and any clip isn’t affected by fade (10ms) - every clip remain “sharp” on both edges.

So I have to push X key after every overlap. What is wrong? I think it should work automaticaly - when I overlap two clips crossfade should occure.

Any help?

Kind regard

Dave (TipyPata)


Even though the Auto-Crossfade is enabled, there is no visual feedback. The X is not applied (visually). But the sound is affected.

Ok. Sound is affected. But lack of visual representation makes editing very hard to control. So i need to hit X key and after that I can easily control crossfade. I hope it will fixed soon in maintenance update. Will it?

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pon., 14 gru 2020, 15:49 użytkownik Martin.Jirsak via Steinberg Forums <> napisał:

I concur 1000% This has always been very unsettling to me. Without a visual indication, it is hard to trust that the cross-fade has worked. If cross-fade worked for AL overlaps , as it does in some other DAWs, then maybe I wouldn’t worry about lot seeing the “X”. But with Cubase, the automatic process works only up to a certain length of overlap, then it stops doing any fade. How do you know whether you went too far? You can’t see it.
I have never understood the logic for not applying the cross-fade of any duration. If I don’t want that much cross-fade, then it is a trivial matter to simply trim the clip to make a shorter overlap.
There aren’t many things I really hate about Cubase, but I think that would be near the top of the list.

I’m using Cubase and other steinberg stuff for 20 years. So I’m used to strange behavior sometimes :slight_smile: But for me Cubase is ok. I’ve tried other daws and always come back to Cubase. Now I use Reaper and Bitwig as well. But both for learning purpose. When it comes to real music work always Cubase.

The fact that people have learned to live with certain areas of real strangeness is no excuse for keeping the system that way. Simply providing a visual cue would eliminate most of the problem here, and would obviously not hurt the long-time users n any way. EVERYBODY would benefit.

100% AGREE :slight_smile: But for now I’m using X key to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not a bug, it works as specified. So I’m quite sure, it will not be fixed. It works like this since ever.

That is very strange. And confusing. In every other daws I’ve used it was clear - what you see is what you hear and vice versa. If it is not a bug maybe Steinberg could put it as a “new feature”?


Documenting a lousy design doesn’t make it a good design. This s the curse of old software products. Designers and users get accustomed to all the quirks – even come to view them as good things, or even badges of honor. It becomes normalized.
But when newcomers look at it, they may be put off by how goofy some of this is, and may conclude that the software developers and user base are living in the past.
Steinberg does plenty of innovative things, and I am planning to stick with Cubase for the foreseeable future. But it is little things like this that send new users away.

Now I know that is not a bug. But still it doesn’t make sense :slight_smile: Anyway I’m already used to it. :slight_smile:

I’ve just try to check automatic fade in fade out and crossfades. And overlapped two clips. There is no “audible effect” at all.
After hitting X key everything works fine. I don’t get it. Why even audible effect isn’t working at my Cubase Elements…

I don’t know if that is available in Elements. But as I recall, there are some settings required to enable auto crossfade, and one of those settings is the maximum overlap. If the overlap is greater, Cubase simply doesn’t do the crossfade, but you would never know unless you solo the track and listen carefully. it’s the worlds most useless feature, IMHO.

I believe the maximum overlap you can specify is 500 ms, which seems absurdly arbitrary. Why would a fade of 1/2 second be OK, but a fade of 1 sec or 5 secs is invalid??? It is nuts. At the very minimum, if you have specified auto crossfades and you go over the limit, there ought to be a warning that Cubase if having a hissy fit and refusing to apply the fade.