Cubase Elements 11 grace period Eligible -- no code sent

Hi, need to upgrad my Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Elements 12

My license is “grace period eligible” and i can update for free.

So, the problem is that when i Click on “Update” on Acrination Manager not appen this: “the delivery of the required Download Access Code will be triggered” only open the page to buy Cubase 12.

So, how can obtain the Download Access Code?

Does the MySteinberg login page show up?

No, in “My products” only see “Cubase Elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible)” just activated many times ago.
No download codes :frowning:

When you click on the Update button in the Activation Manager, you should be prompted to login to MySteinberg.
Your license is still present on the eLicenser?

When i login to MySteinberg only opens the page attached.

On eLicencer is stil present license “Cubase Elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible)”

Did you get an email from Steinberg?
Is the correct address registered?

Is regstered but no mail from cubase