Cubase Elements 11 MIDI Issues!


I am having a MIDI issue with my Cubase Elements 11 Software. I am using a M-Audio Air 192/6 as my Audio Interface.

Previously the MIDI connection was working quite fine. Now when I press the Sustain Pedal on my Keyboard (Kawai ES100), it mutes all the Channels during Play or Recording. Furthermore, now I am not hearing or seeing the Sound/Audio routed through the Stereo Output for MIDI Instruments.

Thankfully I did not delete my Cubase LE 10. The MIDI operates perfectly in Cubase LE 10 & 7.0. The Sustain Pedal sustains the Notes played on my Keyboard and I can hear the MIDI Instruments (HaLion SE 3 and others).

Can anyone help please?

Thanks very much.



Open Studio > Studio Setup. My expectation is, you will find Mackie Control in the Remote Devices folder there and the MIDI Input will be set to M-Audio Air. Remove Mackie Control device or set the MID Input to Not Connected. Also double-check the other Remote Devices, if they are not using M-Audio Air as an Input.

Thanks so very much for your prompt response. I actually tried that to no avail. I will try again however just in case I missed a step… I was also wondering if I could reset Cubase Elements 11 to it’s Original Factory Condition. My Files are already Stored on my Hard Drive. As long as it won’t delete the Cubase Folder they are in then I’ll be fine. Also I’ll do a Back up of those Files to which I in fact need to do now hahaha.

Thanks very much again Sir.


You can trash Cubase preferences.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Thanks very much again Sir. I double checked it based on your instructions and now it is solved! Blessings to you always.