Cubase Elements 11 page mode or equivalent?

I am moving from Cubase SX (yes, the first version!) to Cubase 11. Right now I am doing a trial on the Elements version, as I REALLY don’t need all the recording gizmos and options. I still use VST (yes also!) for scoring and printing parts, and have been using SX for recording. But after I did a major hardware upgrade to my PC it now runs VST fine but not SX (didn’t see that coming!).

I am really happy with the Elements version, EXCEPT - both VST and SX have Page Mode in the Score Editor, but it looks as though there is none (or a print preview either) in Elements. Before I consider the Pro version, is this true? No way to see what your score will look like, or edit the final page (except when you select print)?

There is no page formatting whatsoever in all derivatives below Pro.

The earlier versions you were using are the equivalent to Cubase Pro these days, and that’s what you’ll need of you want full notation scoring features. (which are significant)

Thanks Steve! Just wanted to confirm.

Have you seen this? Scoring and Notation Enhancements | Walkthrough of the New Features in Cubase 11 - YouTube

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I think what I’ll do is stick with VST for scoring (believe it or not - it still works fine for my needs, plus I have decades of charts in that format) and Elements will be more than enough for my recording projects. SX was also just fine for this, but like I said it wouldn’t run on the newer hardware.

Thanks again for the advice! I’ll no doubt be on here with questions about Elements at some point.

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