Cubase Elements 11: SE\FCP_SMT_001_TG3_IR_SET_1 Missing when I open the Grand

I did a top to bottom clean install of my Cubase Elements 11.

It opens great but when I open the Grand I get a message that it can’t locate SE\FCP_SMT_001_TG3_IR_SET_1 and I have checked every install file and VST location.

It’s not there to locate.

Should it just be removed or ignored?

I wouldn’t ignore it - it’s one of The Grand’s impulse response files I think.

either try to find it on you system or redownload using the Steinberg Download assistant. All the “.vstsounds” files need to be registered by using the library manager…basically when you find it then double click on the file and follow the instructions.

(and moving to The Grand forum )

Thank Dr. S.
I checked the entire system and not a sniff.
I’m downloading everything again and will do a search through every content folder until I locate it.
If that doesn’t turn up anything, then I will reach out to Steinberg Customer Service and see if they have any ideas.
And I’ll move to the Grand Forum like I should have in the first place.
Thanks a million!!

no probs - post back if you can’t find it - it’s easy to fix :slight_smile: