Cubase Elements 11 unable to use Export > Audio Mixdown


We were tying this version of Cubase Elements 11 on a new machine. We loaded a track created from me in Cubase Pro but there is an error message when exporting the Audio Mixdown and a dmp file is created.

Attached here: (118.8 KB)


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thank you Martin.
Yes Importing just the audio files in another project worked (even without safe mode) but the one I was trying to load from Cubase Pro got the issue.


Could you attach the project (or send me a link via Private Message), please?

Will send you a message!


Thank you very much! I have tried it here on my side and it doesn’t crash to me.

okay :frowning: It is not a super big deal but would be interesting to know at least why.
Is it there any clue on the dump if the crash is due some hardware component or other driver or it is inside Cubase directly ?


Sorry, I have to correct myself. I can reproduce it with Cubase Elements, I cannot with Cubase Pro.

From the DMP file, it looks like in the Export Audio Mixdown window something has been set, what is part of Cubase Pro only (not available in Cubase Elements edition). And Cubase Elements doesn’t handle it correctly.

Okay so that’s the reason.
I made the project in Cubase Pro and I shared with 2 of my colleagues that are willing to buy (at least the Cubase Elements version).

See that I also bring you new customers :smiley: ?

But what you said makes sense. SO basically the thing to do (in theory) would be to set my Audio Mixdown in a way that is compatible with Elements and maybe save a preset, then save my project and share it.

Would it be a feature request to ask Cubase Elements to “downgrade” to the compatible settings if some feature is not available?

Forgot to mention:

Colleague 1 -> the one with crash was using Cubase Element 11 (trial version)
Colleague 2 -> no crash at all same project was using Cubase Elements 10.5 (purchased)


Yes, this would be the way to go before it will be fixed.

No, it’s not a Feature Request. It’s definitely a bug. It must not crash in any cas. I reported it as bug already.

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Super cool! we are done here :smiley:
Thanks Martin


Interesting, I haven’t tried with Cubase Elements 10.5. Thank you!

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yep we were screen sharing so i could see both cases where it crashes and where it didnt