Cubase elements 12 / Bose Wireless Headphones

Can anyone help with setting up headphones on Elements 12?

I use wireless Bose headphones, but am not sure how to locate them under Audio connections - outputs?

If you’re on windows, you can’t, unless the Bose headphones come with an ASIO driver, which I highly doubt. Cubase does need an ASIO driver.
Maybe you can use it with ASIO4All, don’t know, never tried. There was a similar thread here about that, but I don’t remember the result. I think it was about Macs.

Apart from that, wireless bluetooth headphones have a high latency which makes them unusable for anything realtime playing, if that was your goal. I’d recommend using a cable :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is all really new to me & that’s a great help.