Cubase Elements 13 (License issue)

I cannot activate the product… what am I doing wrong?
It says this:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you please translate the message?

What have you done so far? The message isn’t meaningful to us.

I will try to translate:

“A download access code for a product update has been included - but you do not have a license to which this update can be applied. Please contact your support team”

In short… I paid the 49€ Cubase Element 13 upgrade (I have a Cubase AI license) and I cannot make it work…

Calling the support but it appear to be in holidays till the 2nd of January!


Obviously, you bought a wrong upgrade. Get in contact with the support to return your upgrade and refund. Then buy the correct one, please.

If you have a licence, you can select this licence for the update.
But to do so, the licence must be present on the machine you perform the update. Otherwise, it gets difficult to prove you have a licence.


When you open Cubase, there is a little AD and if you click on it it’ll bring to a webpage to buy the upgrade.
I did so, then I have chosen clearly the Cubase Element as an upgrade from my Cubase AI, and my machine has the license for Cubase AI 11.
Not sure what is wrong in what I did.

I’m not sure as well.
Can you provide a screenshot from the eLicenser window?

Oh, on the screenshot it says Upgrade from Cubase AI / LE 12-13
That could be a hint, I guess.

If I open the online shop, there are two Upgrades for AI/LE available, one for the Steinberg Licensing versions (12/13) and one for the older versions (4-11). You ordered the wrong one.

To get a refund should be no problem, but with the year-end so close it could be a bit of a time-consuming problem, since the employees of Steinberg and Fast-Spring have holidays as the rest of the world.

Are you absolutely sure you don’t have a license for a more recent version of AI than 11? Have you tried to install/open the Steinberg Activation Manager? You might have received an update.

If that is the product you were directed to from Cubase, it seems like Steinberg must think you have an AI 12 or 13 license.


Already found your problem, see the post above.

Oh ok, now I get it.
thanks a lot guys and happy new year :champagne: