Cubase elements 13 Video-Player window stays black


Foremost many, many, many thanks for this. Been trying for a while to fix the video playback for cubase 13 elements and wavelab 12 elements. All the solutions with the video settings didn’t work for me, but exchanging the videoengin dll with the one from cubase 12 fix video playback for both my cubase 13 elements and wavelab 12 elements.

My windows 10 PC has an old Intel(R) Core™ i5-4460S CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz, 8 GB of Ram running win10 Home, version 22H2, build 19045.4170, no videocard.

I personally don’t need full screen playback so after the full screen test failed twice, I don’t bother for this.

Anyhow, many thanks again

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Good to know its helped, but see my caution and disclaimers.
I tried to log a formal support ticket, but it knows I’m not in the US so just tells me to contact a reseller in my country. So if you (or anyone watching this thread) is in the US, please log a formal ticket and get this thread noticed by the Support Team/devs please.
From* reading other related threads, it seems to be about* using the internal Intel HD GPU, vs not having a “real” graphics card. So somewhat kills off using the product on a lot of laptops.

In my case, my PC is “a little old” and both Intel and Windows updater tools tell me my PC is already using the latest graphics drivers and there is no newer one.


I’m in it as a hobby, so I don’t mind a little ‘risk’. Just using it to clean up audio our homevideos (smartphone, digital cameras) and old recordings on casette, vinyl and MD.
But I figured the older PC with end of line drivers and such might be at the source of my woes…
If things get to wonky, I’ll post it here. But for the moment all is well.