Cubase Elements 5 - CPU Overload on Mac with Snow

I have change my Hard Disk with a new and better Seagate Momentus XT 500GB (Ibrid with 4GB SSD) and I have reinstall Snow Leopard and other program.

My MacBook White Late 2009 have 8GB DDR 1333.

I have e BIG problem with Cubase Essential 5, and I can’t work.

CE5 when I play a little song, audio drop out and cpu overload.

I have installa CE 5 + updare 5.1.1 and PATCH ADDRESSING ISSUES WITH USB-2 AUDIO DEVICES

How can I uninstall this patch, on my last working system before I upgrade, I havn’t this patch.

I see CE 6 and before I buy upgrade I tested Steinberg Demo, but the problem is the same, it’s terrible.

Please Help Me!!! I Can.'t work :frowning:

Try trashing Prefs.

I have try to trash pref, try to repair permission, but cpu overload :frowning:

Sorry my Cubase is Essential 5.1.1