Cubase Elements 6 and ancient .all files

I was using a version of Cubase in the 1990s which produced the songs in files with extension .all. I have just bought Cubase Elements 6 and don’t think it will open my old .all files. Does anyone know a way to open these files with Cubase 6?

Grateful for advice.

This may help?

Thanks for this pointer. I’ve downloaded and installed Cubase SE3 but can’t get it to recognise the licence. It produces an error message:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.

The only product listed in the Licence manager is Cubase Elements 6. Do you know how to get SE3 to recognise the licence?

Grateful for help.

Have you updated the e-licence like it asks in the last link?

I hadn’t, but I have now. (Strange how I downloaded Cubase Elements 6 today, and naively assumed it would come with the latest version!) Unfortunately it makes no difference - it still says there is no licence for SE3.

Anything else I could try?

Hmm… maybe try the Sl or SX versions???

I assume since I’ve only purchased Elements version of Cubase 6 I would only be entitled to the SE version of Cubase 3.

Anyway I’ll send an email to support to ask. Thanks.

It may be the case that E6 doesn’t enable sx, sl or se licence?

In case anyone else has the same problem here is the reply from Steinberg:

Cubase Elements 6 uses a Soft-eLicenser and this license- group is not compatible with Cubase SE/SX 3.

There is no work-a-round available for Cubase Elements 6 owners.