I have a registered program on my PC (WIN) using elinceser code.(Not Dongle).

As I now have a faster laptop, I want to use the program on my Lap top rather than my Desktop
Is it possible to de-register the elicence on my PC and register the elicense on my Laptop?

If so, how is it done.


You might try the steps here:

It’s the resale wizard in the knowledge base.

MySteinberg -> Activation & Reactivation -> Follow the instructions

You will need the last used activation code for your software and the new Soft-Elicenser number of the computer you are now installing on.

Yes, Reactivation is the right one way. If you want to run Cubase Elements on both computer, you have to buy the USB dongle, copy the license on it, and you can run Cubase Elemnts on more computers. Same as Cubase Artist 6, and Cubase 6.