Cubase Elements 6 Windows 8 Surface Pro


I’m running Cubase E 6 on Windows 8 on my new MS Surface Pro. All working like dream, and giving me the portable music composition tool I’ve always wanted ( I run full Cubase 7 in my studio).

Only problem.

CE6 runs fine through my surface speakers and through a Bluetooth audio connection…but it won’t let me select ‘Headphones’ as an output bus…Windows shows both headphones and speakers as being available - so I can simultaneously play Spotify through headphone out whilst playing Cubase through built in speakers.

Anyone found an answer to this? - is it a windows 8 or a surface hardware problem? - Am I just being stupid?

Many thanks,


PS - I’m only running the CE6 Trial at the mo - would that be an issue?


In my opinion, this is driver problem. What driver do you use?