Cubase Elements 7 32bit to 64bit


I’ve been using cubase elements 7 for a few years now, together with superior drummer 2 to record and produce my music.
This week I bought the new Superior Drummer 3 and apparently this requires a 64 bit daw.
Is it possible to upgrade my 32bit version or not ?

thanks for your help

You probably already have the 64 bit version installed (look in the Program Files folder), but I strongly recommend upgrading to Cubase Elements 9.5. The workflow and performance have been improved greatly. Superior Drummer isn’t a light instrument so that’s definitely a big plus.

Thanks for the reply, can’t find the 64 bit version though ?
On the back side of the box it says *native 32-bit and 64-bit version, not sure if it means that I have both.
About upgrading to 9.5 though, is it possible to just purchase an update to 9.5 elements, or do you need to buy the complete version of 9.5 elements ?

thank you

You can upgrade your version by picking the second option:

thanks a lot, I think I will go for the 9,5 upgrade. Last question, does it make a difference if the version I bought from 7 is a edu version to purchase the 9,5 update ??

thanks again

There’s no difference, your Educational license will be turned into a full commercial license after upgrading. The software and the price you pay to upgrade are the same.

thanks a lot for your help !