Cubase Elements 7 Activation bag

Please Help for activation my program! I received my activation code and see this text:Activation Code invalid or unused. Have you activated your product yet?

please download and install the latest version of the latest eLicenser Control Center:
Then activate and download your license by opening Cubase Elements or the eLicenser Control Center.
Once your license has been downloaded, you will be able to register the license in MySteinberg:

Best regards,

I had the same misunderstanding a little over a month ago.

May I suggest that you install a shortcut to eLicenser beside Elements in startmenu in Windows(or how it is on Mac) . That will give a hint this should be run as well. It do become a complete separate install - and it’s not easy as newcomer to grasp this.

In my case I had to do both activation, download of license and registration from within eLicenser. Doing last part from Elements, did not work. Then it showed up in MySteinberg.

Looking forward to see your new system arriving for authorizing later this year, as stated.