Cubase Elements 7 and Avid 003+ rack compatibility issues

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me about known issues using the 003+ rack and cubase on windows? Tried it on my imac, and it worked allright, had installed latest drivers for the audio device and last update for cubase elements 7. In my pc with windows 8, there are some compatibilty issues, first of all the sound is distorted, you can hear that everything’s ok while recording, in monitoring the sound’s ok, then, in playback mode it’s clipping. Had installed Studio One, it all worked fine in the pc, same Avid drivers as before. Tried almost everything, old drivers, different cubase versions… all resulting the same. If anyone has some info about it, please, let me know. Thank you.

Saluti dall’italia, Rodrigo.

Well I Just Found An Old Driver From Digidesign And It Works In Nuendo 4
For Anybody Having Problems With There Digi003 Rack
Here Is The Link:

I Already Try It And It Works Great I Was Having This Problems For Months But Now It Works …
When You Install Its Going To Ask If You Trust The Install Just Keep Pressing Yes When Thats Done You Are Ready To Go
Tell Me If It Work For You…

By The Way I Tryed It With Cubase 7 LE AI Elements And It Still Have Problems With Lower Latency