Cubase Elements 7 and Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth

Hi, I recently bought Cubase elements 7. In the midi tracks inspector Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth appears among the midi outputs but if selected it doesn’t make any sound. It sounds perfectly with other midi players. Halion is the only MIDI output that works properly. My OS is Windows 8.1.

Can you help me?


can you click on the Microsoft GS and have the option to select your sound card?

No. If I click on the Edit Instrument icon it becomes yellow but nothing happens.

That’s just for Window’s playback of MIDI files, etc… and shouldn’t be used in a DAW.

hi does it look like this … just checking we are talking bout the same thing

Screenshot 2014-08-02 17.09.55.png
Screenshot 2014-08-02 17.09.55.png

Yes, it’s like this.

it should look like my screen shot if your audio interface is connected. you should have options to choose from …at least your sound card/audio interface should be an option

what are your specs… that is computer and audio interface etc.?

if you have your audio interface set up correctly in the device drop down menu and select device set up. check in there for your audio interface. the other place is VST CONNECTIONS under the device menu , make sure your outputs are connected to your sound card
not to dismiss you, but you may be better off checking the manual as it may make more sense.

what do you mean should not be used in a daw :confused:
i beg to differ, you can use it in a daw if you want. on my system sound comes out and I can record midi notes and hear what playing … why should you not use it in a daw ? been using it for years!!!

to hear the sounds from the microsoft synth you may need to connect your outputs in the device menu only, thats it, check manual though.

OK Tex, thank you anyway. I’m going to post a message as soon as I fix the problem. :slight_smile:

To Gump: I agree with Tex.

No you should newer use the Microsoft GS wavetable synth, halion sonic se has all the GM sounds you need and sounds a billion times better. There is no way to guarantee that the MS GS syncs to the project, it is not a vstplugin and can really screw up a solid ASIO driver based DAW.