Cubase Elements 7 features question (midi effects)

Hi there, I am new to music production and DAWs in general. I found Cubase through a friend and I have decided I would like to buy Cubase elements 7 (not pro mostly due to being a student and broke). I have read the elements 7 features and limitations list on the website but as I am new to this a lot of the terminology doesn’t make much sense to me. I would like to produce music in the same sort of genres as Avicii, Zedd and Swedish House Mafia. I know for a fact that Zedd uses cubase. My main questions are as follows;

  1. Can I use a usb MIDI keyboard as an input for Cubase Elements 7
  2. Can I use this with plugins as I have seen online, or is this a pro feature? For example I have seen people open up plugins such as sylenth, connect a midi keyboard, choose a sound they like and start to play. Is this possible in only Elements 7?
  3. What formats can I export my projects in when I am finished, e.g. mp3, wav etc.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile: (I may add questions when then come to mind)

Yes, yes and yes, I think.

Thank you!