Cubase Elements 7 pdf manual

I bought the upgrade to CE7 but i don’t find any pdf manual online. Maybe i missed some link?

Look closer young jedi.

Thanks for the “Young” :smiley: but link you gave me is for Cubase 7 version not for Elements version…

I think the manuals are the same. It will just note the features that do not apply to your version. For example, “Vari-Audio [Cubase only]”
Also, you can access the manual directly within Cubase from the “Help” menu.

Cubase/Cubase Artist is the same manual. Elements/AI/LE is a different manual.

I don’t see anywhere to download it yet.

I’m not sure of your OS, but on Windows 7 you can access the documentation from the Windows start menu without having Cubase open, too.

Have you installed the program yet, or are you looking to read the manual before installing?

I use MAC osx and i’ve installed the program…maybe i should wait some weeks to see it online :slight_smile:

Is it not available under the “Help” menu from within Cubase?

I use Cubase 7, but I suspect the path to your manuals is almost identical. My path is:
Applications> Cubase
Right click, choose “Show Package Contents”, then Contents > Documentation. You should find all your manuals there.