Cubase Elements 7 printing scores

When I was Using Nuendo 3, I had no problem writing a piece and then printing the score. Now that I’m using Elements 7, when I try to print the score, it only prints the left side of the score. In other words as you would look at a sheet of music, only the left two measures of each staff is printed and it takes up the entire width. I’ve tried re configuring the printer but to no avail. Help!

Page View is missing from Elements.

Yes, but it should still print something coherent in Cubase Elements (whose Edit mode, unlike the full version of Cubase, can be printed). Are you saying that the bars to the right of the first two on each staff are missing, or that it is placing only two bars per line (then continuing correctly on the next line)?.. Elements will try to place a logical number of bars per staff when printing, according to page size… I have just tried here, filling a score with 16th-notes, and it gives me 3 pars per staff on a page of A4.

Depends on how you define coherent :wink: I find that you have to make sure the window is narrow enough to fit into the page size. It does not appear to scale correctly.

I find that you have to make sure the window is narrow enough to fit into the page size.

Hi Steve,
What did you do to get that 2nd printout? (I presume that is exactly the same problem that larryknight49 has described)
When you say “window”, I presume you mean the Score Editor on screen? Here, on screen, I actually got 4 bars of 16th-notes, which, in Print Preview, changed to 3 bars (with Page Setup set to A4 of course :wink: )

Hey Vic

I stretched the Score window wider, about 1800px or so. For the 1st one I made it 900 px wide.

Page size- US Letter.

Thanks to everyone for replying. I’ll try narrowing the window

My printouts were being cut off on the right hand side too and I just wasted an hour and a half trying to figure out why. This post was the answer. Physically re-sizing the window did it for me. I’m really glad that there is a work around for this however, I’m disappointed that Steinberg hasn’t included this in a patch by now. It’s already October 2014 and there hasn’t been an update for Elements 7 since January / February of 2014. It makes me feel like the Elements folks aren’t important enough for a fix. :frowning: