Cubase Elements 7 v Elements 11

Hi there folks,

I have had Cubase elements 7 for a good while now, I do like its workflow and it does support 32 bit plugins.

If I was to upgrade to Cubase elements 11 would it gave me more new features other than perhaps a different GUI and on the negative side loss of 32 bit plugin support, or are there any other compelling reasons that would be useful for me to upgrade for?

Many Thanks for any help.

Everyone’s needs and desires are different. I suggest you install a trial of 11 and decide for yourself.

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I, and many others, don’t view that as a negative. :wink:

You can use Jbridge for 32 bit plugs if there are some you can’t give up. It’s not expensive.

Your mileage will vary on some of the old plugs. I get rid of ones that crash the system. You’re better off thinking about leaving 32 bit behind in the longer term.

Hi @donegaljoe,

A Cubase Elements 11 eLicense is downwards compatible.

If I still wanted to use 32-bit plug-ins, I’d first get the Cubase Elements 11 update license, update the license within eLicenser Control Center (including the license database cleanup), and then install the full Elements 11 installer application into its separate folder. If you want to continue to work with Cubase Elements 7, you can keep your existing installation - just don’t de-install it.


you could even do another parallel installation of Cubase 7.5, 8.0 or 8.5 and check these out too.
Version 8.5 was the last one with Steinberg’s 32-bit/64-bit VST bridge.

This way you could either use the latest version, or alternatively use any preferred older version.


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Thanks folks, for all the helpful replies, I do have Jbridge and it does work good.
yes I know i have to move on eventually and update Cubase Elements, so will try the trial first,
I hope it may have a few extra features that will be useful compared to Elements 7.

Thank you all.