Cubase elements 7 won't recognise audio interface

Hi Guys, hope someone can help. My scarlett 2i2 audio interface used to work fine with cubase elements 7 on my windows PC. But having taken a break from music and returning to it, my cubase doesn’t see my audio interface. The AI works fine to playback material from the laptop so i know the problem insnt the laptop. When i look at VST connections the only thing there is the generic soundcard in the laptop, no sign of the scarlett 2i2. Any ideas? Many thanks. Mike

Have you actually selected the proper ASIO driver first? Screenshots might be helpful. When you say “VST connections” it makes me think maybe you are not looking in the right place to switch drivers.

Thanks for getting back to me Scab. I’ve attached a couple of screen shots from device set up and vst connections. These are the places I would normally go to get my AI online but my focusrite isn’t there as an option. I’ve reinstalled cubase and it still missing. I’m by no means an expert with cubase, is there something obvious to check?
Capture 2.PNG

In your Device Setup/VST Audio System image, do you see your interface driver listed to select if you click on the ASIO Driver dropdown menu? If not, I would guess that the driver hasn’t been installed. Have you installed the driver from here …

It’s not listed in the drop down menu. I’m pretty sure I did download the driver, it’s definitely working on the laptop generally (ie i can listen to youtube or whatever on it). I shouldn’t need to actually load the driver into cubase should I? Think it was automatic before. I’ll download again anyway. Thanks again for your help.

if the driver is installed, it should be in your list of Windows programs. I think you should have a “standalone” app of some sort (Mix Control?) where you can access soundcard settings as well.

I’ve installed the driver again and it’s working! Thanks so much. Very much appreciate your help.

You’re welcome. :sunglasses: