Cubase Elements 8.0.35 trial window bug after start

Hello Steinberg-Team,

there is a big bug in your Cubase Elements 8 (trial) version.
After starting the menu bar isn’t attached to the project (please see the attachment).
Cubase is working, but is blocking windows. If I click on the taskbar from windows, my os hangs and is no responding

Please fix this or give me a workaround.
Thanks and Regards,

P.S.: In this thread it looks like the same error:
P.P.S.: Awesome, that Steinberg is still so successful with Cubase… looks like, I have to buy a mac soon. I’am shocked…

Steinberg UR44
AMD Phenom II X4 945
Windows 7 Pro SP1


Please read this Knowledgebase article, and optimize your systemthis way.

Due it’s hard to explain about error exactly, please see the attached video. Sorry for the problem with my recording software. Software problems everywhere :-/

P.S.: Cubase 6.5 is working properly!

I don’t think anything is wrong.
That is how it’s supposed to act/look.

No, as you see, my taskbar isn’t working anymore.
If I would click for example on my InternetExplorer my windows would “hang” and stop working

This is how it’s supposed to work.

You are just informed, how many days, you can use your Cubase still.

…that it’s impossible to use the explorer?

Only in trial to deny hacking stuff?

I really think your answer is rude - luck for you, that there is no “finger down”-Button.

No-one is being rude. People are answering your post to try and help, but have just not fully understood your problem.

Some of what you describe is the correct new windows behaviour that a lot of people thought was a bug when they first saw it. The detached menu bar is the new way and once you get used to it works OK.

But of course the o/s should not be crashing. Taskbar should still be perfectly useable. It seems like Cubase is crashing and taking down windows as soon as you try to open anything else…how about your windows start menu…does this also hang the o/s?

NB: the post that you link to has no relation to what you describe so is confusing things further.
This is about some minor gui corruption that only happens with non standard windows border settings.

You really understand my problem.

That’s what my problem is -> look how cubase acts for me. This time, windows didn’t crash totally nad I was able to exit cubase after waiting some time. It’s always hard to explain that kind of issues in words.

Perfect video: