Cubase Elements 8 android


I bought Cubase a few months ago. Want to know if there is a version of elements 8 out for android or is it only available for iOS and windows?

I’d like to import my projects from my windows system and use it with either iOS or android when I ride train during the day. Also, can i use my existing licence or do i need to purchase an additional one?


Cubasis is the ios version and you need to purchase separately from the app store. There is no Android version.

Steinberg seem to have given up on android. It has poor native latency and there are many variables in devices making it very hard to program audio software for. (no other major DAW manufacturer has an android version either as far as I’m aware)

Thanks for the reply.

Seems android is a bit of a pain. I would like to just be able to program my midi stuff like drums, bass etc… So i need to go and buy an iPad then?

Or just get a windows laptop and a usb elicenser and you can run your Elements on it.

About the best android daw

I personally use surface pro 4 with cubase pro 8.5

If you want to work in Cubase, I agree with the above comments about getting a Surface Pro or a laptop. Something that will actually run Cubase. Transferring projects back and forth between Cubase and Cubasis is not practical because of the lack of features and plug-ins in Cubasis. It would be useful if you ONLY wanted to program some MIDI of a NEW project and then, transfer that MIDI to Cubase to continue the projects. You would have a tough time after you work on the projects in Cubase to transfer them BACK to the iPad and continue work.
Cubasis is good for capturing some ideas on the road or starting some basic work that will eventually migrate to a proper DAW (Cubase). The Surface would be nice but make sure it has the full Windows, not the RT version.