Cubase Elements 8 doesn't start / Win 10 x64

Hi everyone !

I’m running Win10 64 bits, and since this morning and without any restarts (which I tried later), my Cubase Elements 8.0.20 won’t start anymore ! Yesterday it was running just fine and flawless but now it won’t launch !

The problem is that when I’m trying to start Cubase, in the Task Manager, I can see an “cubase.exe” instance for a few seconds, but the status goes from “running” (approx. 10Mo) to “suspended” (approx. 30 to 40ko) and then closes itself …

My setup is (this is a laptop) : Win 10 x64, RAM 8Go, HDD 750Mo, CG NVidia 765m 2Go and then I have a Zoom R8 and a Novation Launchkey 61. Of course I tried to disconnect every single one of my devices (mouse and keyboard too) before testing again and again and then … again :smiley:

All my drivers are up to date (video, sound, internet …), but the problem remains the same even after multiple reboots, a Cubase full reinstall (same for the eLicencer), CCleaner all around the place and removing the HUB service dll !

Please guys, help me, I’m desperate ^^

Thanks in advance and sorry if I made some spelling mistakes, I’m from France :wink: